The ballots are here! The ballots are here!

So this morning, the ballots for the election arrived in the mail. I stared those two small envelopes with extreme curiosity. Besides the usual election information, it read “Contains vote on proposed tax increase.” Wow-really? You don’t say. Isn’t everything in this election from the presidential race, to Oregon State senate race, to the various state measures all have proposed tax increase implications. Those mail carriers must feel a huge burden on their shoulders. I wonder if they had some type of inspirational speech given to them. I imagine all of the mail carriers huddled together scared and unsure of themselves. Then the Head Mail Carrier comes in and delivers a speech that is reminiscent of the movie “Miracle”. The Head Mail Carrier imparts the message that ‘this is their time.’ All the mail carriers leave the post office confident in their purpose of mission. They roll up their tall socks, put on the head phones that were blaring the 8 Mile theme song, nodding to each other as they snapped their gum and organized their mail pouches. They all stride out to their little jeeps in unison to go and deliver the most important piece of mail that had come through the post office since the rebate checks.



I imagine once I vote, I will want to grab my ballot and get on my white stallion. (Imagine some weird Portland style Braveheart scene) I’ll carry the American flag as me and my stead gallop to the central post office to mail my ballot. Old women in the park will stop their conversation as they watch the patriotic sight of me and my stead. I will plod along nodding to the masses as I pass the hushed hordes of people that have congregated to watch this momentous journey.

Delivering the ballot!

Delivering the ballot!

All right enough of this craziness. VOTE!!!


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