Great Websites

I love finding new websites that have valuable information to offer. Please note that I originally found these websites from PC Magazine’s November 2008 issue. They have a great article titled: “Our Top 100 Web Sites”. I have looked at a few of them and have found some great ones. Check them out!

    Calorie Lab: Search 70,000 foods and 500 restaurant menus or browse the food and restaurant directory
    Oddee : A blog on the oddities of this world

    Rules of Thumb : Every rule of thumb on Earth in one place

    Love Food Hate Waste: Definitely one of my most favorite sites on this list. The tips, recipes, and stories show viewers how to eliminate a lot of food waste therefore saving you money!

    How to Clean Stuff : I think this one is self-explanatory.

    Nation Master : has all sorts of interesting data about nations. I love charts, graphs, and statistically information so I highly recommend it. Where else can you find beer consumption by country?

As I stated earlier there were 100 websites on the list. I haven’t had a chance to go through them all but I’m gonna try. Stay tuned!


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