Back to School

Today was Andy’s first day back at Portland Community College. He’s trying to use the campus shuttle rather than using TriMet to help save money. We don’t know yet if it will work as it looks like he will have to leave much earlier than he anticipated and gets home later as well. Today’s classes were math and chemistry. Tomorrow is biology and chem lab. Wednesday is math and chemistry again and Thursday is biology and biology lab.



I am taking an on-line Business and Promotional Writing class to help improve my writing skills. I am still studying CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to also improve job skills as well as to aid in my blogging efforts (check out my links, yo!).  Usually there is a blog posting about what happened over the weekend however not a lot happened over Saturday and Sunday.  The usual grocery store and house clean up but nothing exciting.   This weekend is the Portland Polish Festival which is supposed to be the largest festival of its kind West of the Mississippi.  There will be art exhibits, food, music, and of course beer.


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