Pearl Harbor

This morning I visited Pearl Harbor.  What an experience. I learned a lot about the events that led up to the attack, the attack, and the salvage efforts after.  First off, the tour including the boat ride out to the memorial is complementary.  The Parks Service is pretty serious about not letting people bring in bags of any type:  purses, back packs, diaper bags, fanny packs, etc so don’t try! The Japanese launched two waves of attacks which included over 350 planes including the kamikaze pilots who’s job it was to navigate their plane into different objects therefore ending their own life.  I saw the movie Pearl Harbor with Ben Afflack but actually seeing the area made it all come to life.  Due to an overactive imagination, I’ve never had any problems imaging what different scenarios could look like.  Pearl Harbor is actually quite smaller than what I thought it would be.  The memorial is actually floating on top of the remains of several ships that were sunk during the attack including the USS Arizona who lost over 1,000 service men.  It was a very intense experience.  Freedom does come at a cost.  Sometimes that cost is the lives of our citizens.


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