Honolulu is beautiful

This is one of the many views from the front of my hotel

This is one of the many views from the front of my hotel

Look at me, Mom!!
Look at me, Mom!!

So Honolulu is a trip.  The streets are marked a bit differently than what I’mused to, the speed limit on H1 is 50 and eventually turns into a surface street with a speed limit of 35, and I can’t quite understand what some of the locals say.  But it’s beautiful and there are birds everywhere.  The hotel is an open air one.  There are no doors and it’s lacking in a lot of walls in the reception area.  There are birds flying around.  I ate dinner at a place called Duke’s last night that is also open to the beach.  I ate dinner watching the surfers and cruise ships just hanging out.  Once again, birds everywhere.  <I just kept thinking what will they do if Avian bird flu hits?>  The locals have been so nice.  You let someone cut in front of you on H1, they wave in gratitude.  I actually kept letting people in just to see if this was consistent.  It was.  Everyone is so smiley and polite.  I took some photos and am trying to link them into this post.  I have some work to do today.  But even that’s not too stressful as say Dallas with it’s speed racers and rude drivers.  I will post more photos today.  After I am done working, its beach time!!!


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