That’s what I think I have on my left side and a wicked case of it too. And self pity but we will get to that later. Last Wednesday I woke up and my left hip just felt a little tight. I figured it was IT Band related and stretched and foam rolled the heck out of it. My quads did feel tight so I figured I would keep a close eye on it and be careful.

I ran the first race in the Spring Trail Series and nothing hurt worse. In fact during the run it actually felt better. I came home and did more stretching noticing that once again my lower back was sore. It seemed like it had been sore for awhile.

On Thursday I ran a flat 5.5 with Amy and hip felt okay. But I was diligent and did more foam rolling and stretching. Friday I went on a long slow hike with Jill and then came home and walked up Punishment Hill to get some avocados. On the way down the hill, my hip really began to get painful. By the time I got home I knew it was time for some Ibuprofen and an icepack.

Friday night was so painful I booked a massage using by Valentine’s Day gift certificate. By Saturday morning I was almost in tears. It hurt bad. The massage therapist said she saw a lot of runners and suspected that it was piriformis.

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself.    I recognize that being unable to hike or run for the time being is a temporary thing. I always forget how important my daily workouts are to my well-being. I know that I will get over this but for now it’s really bumming me out. I’m trying to watch what I eat so I don’t gain back the weight I lost. I’m also trying to keep a positive attitude because no one likes  a whining adult baby. Rest is so boring… even with Netflix. (I don’t understand how people can binge watch anything. I watch one episode of my favorite show and I’m good for a few days.)

And More Flowers of Portland











The last flower (a rose) was my favorite as it smelled heavenly. And if you are wondering if I just walk around taking photos of flowers with my phone…yes. Yes, I do.

Downtown looks like it's in another state or something. But it's actually only 4-5 miles away.

Downtown looks like it’s in another state or something. But it’s actually only 4-5 miles away.

Flowers of Portland

Spring is absolutely magical this year. I don’t remember there being so many flowers in previous years.











Altitude Room at Evolution aka My 15 Minutes of Fame

Evolution Healthcare and Fitness had the local new station KGW coming by to show off their altitude room and asked for some volunteers to workout. The people at Evolution are so nice so it was super easy to get up at 5am to be there by 5:50am to workout in the room.

I’ve never used an altitude room before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. They had the room at around 12,000 feet and gave us blood/oxygen monitors to periodically monitor our stats. Mine were great! I stayed between 93-86 and never got a headache or felt bad. I was a little tired as it was 6am but otherwise nothing.

You do notice a difference when you leave the altitude room though. Click on the link below to see my brief frame.


Dog Mountain with Amy

I asked Amy if she wanted to go hiking. She lost her Dingo recently and has been (understandably) upset about it. Dingo was a sweet sassy black cat who I really liked. He had that sass that only black cats with an attitude have. But he got sick and was sick for awhile. Now he somewhere over that rainbow bridge. If you have ever lost a pet, you know the rainbow bridge.

Amy said sure she’d love to go hiking. I thought Dog Mountain would be just the thing we both needed. After having an amazing brunch with Rose (thank you so much Rose!)


Amy and I headed out to Dog Mountain on a gorgeous warm day. In fact it was so warm neither of us needed a jacket at the top. And the wildflowers were amazing!







Dog Mountain isn’t an easy hike. Well at least for me it’s not. I’m a slow hiker.

It hurts.

It hurts.

Amy taking a view from the edge.

Amy taking a view from the edge.


Hard but the view is worth it.

Hard but the view is worth it.


Mosier Union Tap House

After our hike, Andy and I stopped by Rack and Cloth for some cider. They feature two different ciders which honestly weren’t our cup of tea. Both were very delicate and low in acidity.

Andy had spotted Mosier Union Tap House when we first arrived for our hike and wanted to check it out after the cider. We walked into the yard area of the pub and who did Andy see? His old coworker Shawn! Turns out the Mosier Union Tap House was his place which he’d opened only 9 days earlier.

We chatted with Shawn catching up on what was going on in his life. He gave us a tour of the property and shared some of his ideas for making it a more viable business.

IMG_0918Shawn has over 20 beers on tap and plenty of cider with a full menu. I was really impressed by the food selection. He has a few salads, some sandwiches but focuses on bowls prepared with brown rice, your choice of protein and tasty toppings. You can sit outside or inside depending on your preference. He has both booths and bar seats available. And the outside area has a fire pit. It felt like we were hanging out at a friends house.


Mosier Plateau

Andy and I headed out for a wildflower hike around Mosier Plateau. It did not disapoint.




IMG_0904The views are amazing and the hike is fun.



IMG_0912The hike goes in a lollipop which neither Andy nor myself remembered. That seemed to add to the adventure. The first part of the hike was really hot. We were sweating a lot for having hiked only a mile or so. But once we got to the top the predictable Gorge wind cooled us down. I recommend this hike but be careful if you have small children as the trail doesn’t have a lot of safety measures in place and some of the steps up to the top are pretty tough to tackle for short legs.