Wygant Trail

The Wygant Trail is accessible via Mitchell Point (Exit 58 off of I-84). There’s parking and a bathroom available. Mid-week there are almost no other hikers out. It’s the Gorge so it does get windy.


What the guide books don’t tell you is that the trail isn’t well marked. But first there are some gorgeous wildflowers in bloom.




The pedestrian bridge was severely damaged by a floor almost 20 years ago and has never been replaced/fixed.



Wygant Trail is really pretty.


There are gorgeous views of the Gorge.



But…you gotta pay attention to the mauve paint along the trail or you will miss the turn like I did.



IMG_0898If you pay attention, you should be good. Just know that there aren’t alot of official signs. Some of them say “Trail”. And the mauve paint.

Don’t Apologize For Being Being Slow

I recently found a new podcast called “The Slow Runner’s Club” and listened to their episode called “Don’t Apologize for Being Slow”. My favorite part was where the host explained that there are more slow runners than elite and that we are the bread and butter of the economy of running. We buy more clothes, shoes, and gear and usually pay full price. We aren’t sponsored runners. We usually have decent jobs and have longer running periods in our life than the elites.

Don’t apologize for your pace or being slow.


Being Slow Being Overweight

Not every overweight runner is slow and not every slow runner is overweight but there is a strong correlation between the two. And that makes you feel bad. When you know you are slow and jiggly. Becoming faster takes time just like becoming less jiggly.

There are only a few runners I know who aren’t concerned about their weight. And every runner I know is concerned about their speed. It’s hard to think about this when you are focused on yourself and your issues.

I didn’t think about my weight as much when I was running shorter distances. Maybe it’s all the time I had to think about it. I’ve always had a really hard time figuring out how many calories I burn while running. Sites like MyFitness Pal lowest run option is a 12 minute mile. I am slower than that on a trail run and sometimes a recovery run and definitely a super hilly road run.

Being a slow runner makes me feel anxious about cut off times. Being anxious makes my heart beat faster which isn’t good in a race. You can tell yourself it doesn’t matter but in the end it does.

Budget Gardening (On a deck)

I got the wire baskets at the Dollar Store. Jo-Ann’s Fabric had the straw insert on sale (40% off!) for less than $2 an insert and the fuchsias  were on massive sale at Fred Meyer’s for 0.60 a piece. Each container has between 2-4 plants in each.

I am waiting until the wind dies down to hang them up.


Time for Adventure

After my making my decision to scale back my running and training (no Capitol Peaks and no Mt. Hood 50), a whole new world has opened up. I slept in this morning which was the first Saturday in a long time this has happened. I got invited to run a super chill cool adventure run at the end of July. I signed Andy and myself up for a sushi making class and there are a few cheaper concerts I will be going to in the next few months. And I’ve been reading so much. In the last week I’ve read 4 books. And cut my hair off.


I’m still out running but shorter distances. I’m focusing on building speed and improving my hill running. I just needed a break from the longer distances for awhile.

Being Less Busy

“How are you” someone asks me. “Busy! Crazy busy!” I say automatically. I’m not lying. I am busy. Between work and training for Mt. Hood 50 I am busy. But honestly most of it is me. It’s the activities I choose to do outside of work and the sheer amount of hours I work that make me so busy.

I listened to a podcast this morning from Tim Ferriss about being busy “Lazy: A Manifesto”. It was awesome. Then I found this article about how to less busy in a busy world. I’m going to try it.

Don’t Mind Me While I Work

So awkward. The repair guy cam to fix our leaking porch. I think the people downstairs complained.