Being Slow Sucks

As a long distance trail runner speed is important especially in races. In the races I participate in, you need to make ‘cut offs’ which is reaching a certain place by a certain time. For slow runners like myself this is challenging and nerve wracking.    Usually you are squeaking by; just barely making that cut off.

Recently a woman in the UK was pulled off by race officials for being too slow. She’s only run a mile and half and was pulled. And she wasn’t all that slow. Netty, was running a twelve minute mile which is about my pace for road. That’s a slow runners biggest nightmare: being pulled from a race for being too slow.

Today I went to a timed race. Basically the course is open for 12 hours and you see how many loops you can do. It was a hard course. One loop was over 8 miles with over 2kft of elevation gain. And I felt every inch. My initial plan was to take the first loop nice and slow and just enjoy the scenery. I had never run on these trails. I wanted to enjoy it.

The loops were made up of two sections or two mini loops. First one was shorter, easier but there was a lot more hikers around. The second one was tough. I felt good on the first one. But the second one really kicked my a$$. I felt tired. My heart beat way too fast. I was sweating really bad and was breathless. I felt beaten. I kept asking myself why I did this. What purpose did racing serve? And why was I having such a crappy time this year running trails.

I made the decision to drop all my races. When it started raining, I began to cry. Not because it was raining but because this shouldn’t be this hard. Why was I so slow after all these years of running? Why couldn’t I be better at this?

At the shelter where they were recording lap times and some people were resting, I texted Laura to tell her I was done with racing. No more. Poor lady. She’s gotten these texts several times this year. She doesn’t deserve my crazy.

After I got home, I read several other people’s comments on Facebook about how hard the loops were. It made me feel better. I would give almost anything to be faster though.

Social Media Break – Update

Well, I went almost 48 hours without checking Facebook which is pretty amazing for me. And for the last few days, I have only checked social media sporadically. I do feel like I am missing out on news and information. But I’m also not getting sucked into conversations that have no value to me. My days are more productive.

I still don’t have Facebook on my phone and friends are texting me more. When I’m on Facebook, I’ve unfriended or unfollowed people who honestly I don’t know why I accepted their friend request. At first I felt like I was censoring the information I was getting and yes, I am. But for a good reason.

I haven’t unfriended people or hid them because I don’t agree with their world views. I just don’t care what those views are. There are only 24 hours in the day. And I get to decide how to spend that time.

Debt Update

Tonight Andy and I are going to pay off his student loan. Then drink champagne. Then probably freak out that we’ve taken money out of our savings account to pay off the $1,143.92. We will also be paying over $4,000 in federal and state taxes which combined with our current savings for our India trip and daily living expenses, will have a huge hit on our checking account.

But then we will take the $350.00 we have paying each month on his student loan and put it towards mine. That will make a whopping $1050 payment on my student loan (balance – $9,116.40) each month so we will pay that off by end of 2015.

Then we pay off the Subaru which with its balance will be paid off by April 2016 if not earlier. We’ve decided to work towards a one car household for the time being. Maybe next year we’ll get another car but for now we will not be replacing another vehicle so we hope Andy’s car lasts for awhile.

Yes to eating at home and cheap eats outside the house. No to buying brand new clothes and shoes. Yes to thrift stores and picnics. No to expensive dinners. No to  concerts that cost more than $15. And yes to biking and more biking.

Morning Win

Most mornings I run but this morning I did this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 7.01.04 AM

It’s a small win. I transferred my 401k into an IRA and made a contribution that will reduce my 2014 tax liability. The people at Fidelity are very nice and they have so many resources to help users become more educated about investing.

Taking a Break

Yesterday I decided to take a much needed break from social media and time waster sites like TMZ, Pinterest (is that considered social media?), etc. I’ve never consciously done this before but feel like it’s in my best interest. I waste so much time in the morning before work looking at content that I don’t really care about.

I’ve also made a large effort to unsubscribe from promotional emails. I feel like I tend to get excited about sales and promotions when I honestly don’t need any more stuff. I have a lot of stuff. I would like to have less stuff. Buying more stuff won’t get me less stuff.

Plus. I have things I need to do.

When I Want to Give Up..

This photo was taken during a race last year. And I am so fat in it. When I want to give up, I look at this photo. Currently I am down more than 13 pounds from this photo.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 5.45.31 PM

Beach Time

Andy and I really needed to get out of town but didn’t have alot of time. So I drove us to the Oregon Coast this last weekend for some sunshine, salt water taffy, and together time. The weather was amazing!